About us

Nature et Photo (SARL) is a professional photography studio located in Caen (14) in Normandy  Nature and illustration. We propose on this web site art prints in Museum or Gallery quality for the enthusiasts of images and collectors as well as some reproductions in standard panoramic formats. We have referenced the most innovative materials currently available to enhance our art photos while maintaining an exceptional preservation of 70 years up to 100 years under the best conditions on certain art papers (digital photo prints only). Most of our images are certified art products and delivered with an authenticity certificate except series published in more than 30 copies : In this case the descriptive text of the product will provide you all the necessary informations. Some of our products offer options or variants allowing you to satisfy your requirements of presentation or tastes in interior decoration.

You will find at Nature et Photo (SARL) pictures of nature and heritage, maritime landscapes, towns and villages, graphic design and creations that can satisfy your curiosity and your desire for interior decoration : private and secondary house, administrative or Commercial offices, waiting room, corridors ... On canvas, under acrylic alkaline glass, on aluminum according to patented technologies, on special papers from the best papermaking traditions.

For the collectors our art photographic prints in colors or black and white (baryta or piezographic prints) will be limited to the print alone on the best current papers without acid (brands renowned and recognized internationally for centuries in the expertise and the excellence in manufacture, 100% cotton, without optical brightener to guarantee an incomparable sharpness, intense blacks and a richness of the gray ranges, saturated but natural colors and an exceptional aging resistance much superior to the best baryta argentic papers of the past.

Some textured papers (Velin Arches particularly digital range) slightly grainy mimic the rendering of the etchings of the past with a paper shade of which the extreme stability can exceed 100 years of conservation thanks in particular to resistance to water, discoloration of pigments and the deterioration of the paper support itself (ISO Standard 9706).

Do not hesitate to take your time to choose and consult our products online, to come back from time to time to discover the novelties added, to finally transmit our address and to recommend our know-how if the quality of our products allowed us to fully convince you. Make yourself happy or give pleasure to those you love.

If you want more informations about certain products or ranges do not hesitate to fullfill our contact form to question us. We will gladly provide you a quick response based on our availability.