Arromanches at high tide

Arromanches at high tide

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Arromanches at high tide (Normandy - France) - Ref. TS08000001

Arromanches, artificial port and high place of memory of the landing allied in Normandy in sector Gold. From June 18, 1944 until November 19, it allowed an average of 7,000 tons of goods a day and even 20000 tons in July 1944 before the offensive on Caen. Winston Churchill is the creator of these ingenious floating docks whose Phoenix concrete remains are still visible today on the beach.

Genuine art color photo (subligraphic) digital print panoramic format 40x126 cm in high glossy finish. Limited serie in 30 numbered and signed copies on the back of work with authenticity certificate. Subligraphy inkjet print on polymerized 2 or 3 mm aluminum by heat tranfer on press assuring an exceptional preservation of 70 to 100 years according to light environment. The support is highly resistant to UV, corrosion, abrasion and scratches and waterproof. The art subligraphic print can be cleaned up with a damp cloth or even a sponge without any risk to its preservation.

High quality digital process offering an incomparable dynamic range : deep density of blacks, intense saturation and vivid colors.

Our color digital art print 40x126 cm is ready for framing. It is not necessary to use a protective glass. Hanging is assured by a specific returning aluminum chassis by default or flushing one (in option) or even better an "american box" framing in matt or satin quality will bring you a nice 3D effect on your exposition walls by taking off the work of the mural exhibition.

This product requires subcontracting materials and services. The right of withdrawal (Law Hamon) can not apply. A manufacturing time of 16 days is required for this product.

Represented frames are suggestions of presentation and are not necessarily available in order (except american box in option).

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